The Ferrari Challenge, Ferrari's own racing series was created to allow Ferrari customers to enjoy their cars in a structured environment, racing against other Ferrari owners on some of the great race tracks of North America.

Ferraris racing in the series are very carefully prepared and maintained for competition by authorized Ferrari dealers, many of whom have formed racing teams for the series. These modifications are designed to enhance safety in racing - for instance, full roll cages, special racing seats and safety harnesses, fire systems and similar safety devices. There are slight modifications to some body panels, suspension and brake parts are appropriate for racing but the V-8 engine remains exactly as Ferrari built it, with no changes permitted.

The Challenge was created in 1993 for the then current Ferrari 348. When the F355 was announced it was immediately eligible for the Challenge, and eventually replaced the 348. Since 2000 the featured car has been the 360 Modena - a special racing version has been built by Ferrari just for the series.

The appeal of the Ferrari Challenge is obvious. Owners can enjoy competition with their Ferraris on the race track and enjoy a camaraderie in a social environment with other Ferrari owners away from the track. Spectators can enjoy the experience of seeing enthusiastic drivers in fierce competition with streetable Ferrari racing cars. For the people who participate and for those who watch, the Ferrari Challenge provides a perfect way to enjoy a unique and challenging interest.

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